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January 2003

Story Estate is born

In January 2003 the Story estate is purchased as unplanted acreage, the ltos are planned and divided 

April 2003

First vines planted

In April 2003 we planted our first pinot noir clones from our sister vineyard in Bordeaux, France.

October 2004

Our first test harvest

We pull our first grapes and produce our first testing batch from the vines.  

June 2007

Selling our first bottle

All great things take time and in June 2007, we began selling our wines.

January 2010

Gold Decanter Award

In January of 2010 our hard work paid off with a gold medal at the Decanter awards in France.  

February 2016

Next generation

In 2016 the second generation step in to take over daily operations with out three daughters running the show. 

Heritage Cellars

The Story family founded the Heritage Estate in 2003. Through a combination of care and toil, we’ve slowly grown into one of the largest contiguous vineyards in the Willamette valley.

We carefully tend each vine to create our award-winning wines with an authentic sense of place.  At Heritage we put all of our love into the land. In the early years we focused on vineyard development and landscaping. 

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Pinot Noir - Reserve

Pinot Noir - Reserve


Tavel Rosé

Tavel Rosé

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Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris


Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir


Our Vineyard

Sustainable grapes make better wines

Our Family

A family run vineyard with a focus on sustainability

Sustainable Grapes

We put all of our love into the land. In the early years we focused on vineyard development and landscaping. Every building on the property, including the tasting room and winery, has had a tractor driven through it, as their original utility was equipment storage. The beauty of the estate is what inspired our family to come to Oregon. Our goal is to enhance and share that natural beauty with others through thoughtful winemaking, sustainable practices and habitat conservation.

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Our Vineyards

You need great grapes to make great wine. Each vineyard at Left Coast contains a wide variety of clonal and rootstock combinations, elevations, row orientations and soil compositions. A microcosm of flavors, sugars, and acidity can be found in each block of vines. Get to know the vineyards that make our wines.

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